Sunday, October 9, 2011

Store of the Week: Tutti Frutti Chocolate-Flavored Yogurt Dessert

Tutti Frutti Chocolate Yogurt Dessert

After a hearty lunch at Robinson's Manila to celebrate two birthdays in the family, our feet brought us to Tutti Frutti to try their yogurt selections. My only interest as usual is to try the Tutti Frutti chocolate-flavored yogurt

I wonder, how does a Tutti Frutti chocolate-flavored yogurt taste like?
For my own concoction I got the smallest cup because I have a penchant for not finishing my food which is really a bad habit. Good thing my husband is there. hehehehe.

After getting the Tutti Frutti chocolate yogurt base, we were encouraged to add different Tutti Frutti toppings. For toppings, you can choose from several candies and nuts of different sorts. 

Tutti Frutti candy and nut toppings
I ended up getting walnuts and almonds to add some crunch to my soft-based yogurt. I want to add a little color so I placed a cherry on top of my Tutti Frutti chocolate-flavored yogurt.
Tutti Frutti fruit toppings

For the final touches, I added liquid dark chocolate to complete my creation.
Tutti Frutti liquid chocolate toppings

After a few spoonfuls, I can say that Tutti Frutti chocolate-flavored yogurt tastes like ice cream. I've tried similar yogurt desserts before and they taste sour which is to be expected from a yogurt. My Tutti Frutti chocolate-flavored yogurt was surprisingly sweet. I wonder how much sugar is there in a Tutti Frutti cup. Well, the kids in my family liked it so I can say that kids and adults alike will enjoy this as a dessert.
Beautiful Ameena with her pretty mom Anne enjoying Tutti Frutti 
My search about Tutti Frutti desserts also brought me to the Tutti Frutti website (cute background music). They also have a Tutti Frutti Facebook fan page where you can openly post your comments about your Tutti Frutti experience. 

Tutti Frutti chocolate-flavored yogurt

Have you had a similar Tutti Frutti experience? What toppings did you get for your chocolate-flavored yogurt. Do share so we can compare chocolate-flavored yogurt desserts. 


  1. Oh wow! chocolate flavored yogurt? this is a must-try! thanks for sharing :)

  2. You are most welcome Alwin. I would love to feature your chocolate-flavored yogurt experience once you've tried it. :)