Wednesday, November 23, 2011

San Miguel Great Food Club Presents the 2011 Flavors of Christmas at Mercato Centrale

Since I started blogging about Chocolates, I found myself experiencing food in different ways than I usually did before. When I was invited to go to Mercato Centrale for The Flavors of Christmas Event of San Miguel Great Food Club I browsed through the activities and found two things I like. 

One is the cooking demo by Ms. Lori Baltazar of Desserts Comes First and two: Desserts. Later at the Flavors of Christmas Event, I found out that Ms. Lori Baltazar  will be demonstrating not just one but two desserts namely: Brownie in a cookie-cookie and Chocnut-queso de bola cheesecake.
Brownie in a cookie-cookie
Chocnut-queso de bola cheesecake
I told myself there is bound to be chocolate there some where if Ms. Lori Baltazar is there. You see my first encounter with Ms. Lori is when I attended the chocolate tasting event hosted by Cocoaphilia.

San Miguel Food Club Members Registration
So on an auspicious day of November 19, 2011 at 9:00 am in the morning I found myself like a little girl waiting under one of the big tents of Mercato Centrale to enjoy The Flavors of Christmas prepared by San Miguel Great Food Club for its members.Why oh why did I go? Well if for Ms. Baltazar Desserts Come First, in my world "Chocolate Rules!"

Magnolia Edam Cheese and Queso De Bola
Upon looking at The Flavors of Christmas recipes distributed to the members of San Miguel Great Food Club, my only interest was to look for the three-syllable world that was once very precious to the Aztecs as well. However, I only found a two-syllable Filipino variant which is Choc-nut. I read the recipe twice moreover and asked myself "Am I reading this right? There is no chocolate in these desserts!"

My association of Ms. Baltazar and chocolates made me assume that when I saw her name and the first syllable "Choc" I thought that the next syllables that would follow will be "ocolate". 

Assorted Cookies and Queso de Bola Cheesecake made from Magnolia 
Fortunately, my chocolate craving will not be left unsatisfied because plates after plates of chocolate covered cookies and lady fingers were served to The Flavors of Christmas guests.

Chocolate covered Lady Fingers and Strawberry Jam Centered Biscuit and Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was not able to witness Ms. Lori Baltazar's cooking demo or partake of her Christmas desserts but I came home with a Triple Chocolate TreatLimited Edition Magnolia Ice Cream. Well I dont have a photograph for that unfortunately. I meant to do so but just like my chocolate gifts, my Magnolia ice cream was long gone before I even realized I needed to document it. Didn't I say I was new in food blogging? 

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle

Good thing I have these chocolate biscuits to share for you Chocoholics. I particularly enjoyed the Chocolate dipped lady fingers. The chocolate is so sticky and creamy it leaves your two front teeth brown because of the chocolate. You have to lick the chocolate off with your tongue to avoid making people think you are missing a tooth or two. Below are more chocolate cookies I generously tried during the Flavors of Christmas Event for San Miguel Great Food Club members. 

Chocolate Cookies with Melted Chocolate and Queso de Bola Cheesecake
Hopefully the next San Miguel Great Food Club Event I attend to will have chocolates as its major ingredient. Now that would be just festive in any month for any Chocoholic.

What do you think Chocoholic? Share your views by commenting below. 

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