Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Chocoholics Philippines Have Got to Say about the Chocolate Cake and Light Chocolate Frost of Figaro?

Good day fellow chocoholics!

Yesterday I met with one of my blogger friends, Vance Madrid of Security Blanket, to receive my prize from her birthday celebration giveaway in her food blog.

Guess what I won?

Figaro Chocolate Muffins
Well its not chocolate but I am still equally happy to announce that I am now a proud owner of one of Nestle's Limited Edition Cookbook. I told Vance that I will proudly display my Nestle Limited Edition Cookbook in my new kitchen. I just hope that in time it will serve as a functional cookbook than just a mere display. (lol!)
Figaro Chocolate Mores
Our rendezvous brought us to Figaro and while waiting for Vance I decided to try Figaro's chocolate selections. Everybody knows I am a big fan of chocolate bars but I am not that enthusiastic with chocolate cakes. Still when the cravings set in, I always give in to my chocolate desires.

I have decided to order a deliciously sweet Figaro chocolate cake so I opted for Figaro's Light Chocolate Frost as my drink.
Figaro Light Frost Selection (with Prize)
(drum roll please.....) Presenting my Figaro chocolate cake and drink tandem:
Figaro Chocolate Cake & Light Chocolate Frost
I like the combination of my Figaro light chocolate frost and my Figaro chocolate cake. The Figaro Light Chocolate Frost is not sweet (almost bland) while the cake has a rich creamy, chocolatey taste especially the icing. The cake inside is moist and there is a caramel candy on top and a caramel filling inside. The chocolate-taste in my drink does not overpower my chocolate cake. In fact, they complement just fine. (patting myself in the back while saying "Great choice")

Will I order it again? For the Figaro Light Chocolate Frost, I most definitely will because its not too sweet which is what I like in my drinks. For the Figaro chocolate cake, only if I have someone to share it with.

Have you tried any chocolate drinks and pastries from Figaro? Share your chocolate experience at Figaro by commenting below.

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