Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chocolate Buffet at the Ylang-Ylang Cafe, Manila Hotel

On my birthday, the love of my life invited me to share an afternoon with him to enjoy a chocolate buffet in class and style. He booked us a table for two at Cafe Ylang Ylang to enjoy the chocolate creations of Manila Hotel's fine chefs. Below are the scrumptuous chocolate meals we enjoyed that day.

We were offered to order our drinks first. It was a choice between hot chocolate and something else. As you can see, I have forgotten already what the "something else" was and hot chocolate was the only thing that registered in my mind. Not because it was chocolate (well yes of course because it was chocolate) but also because it was a cold rainy afternoon that day and hot chocolate seemed to be the comfy drink of choice. 

We went to the buffet table and the Manila Hotel chef who was arranging the chocolate buffet was currently setting up. We arrived on time at 3 pm and the Manila Hotel staff was just arranging the buffet at that time too. We were offered a plate of Chocolate crepes drizzled with chocolate syrup and a scoop of hazelnut ice cream.

There are lots of chocolate-filled pastries on the table. It would like to say that not everything was purely chocolate which is what made this chocolate buffet different for me. Usually, in past chocolate buffets I have participated, there is an overwhelming selection of chocolate balls, candies, bars, truffles where every bite screams either black, milk or white chocolate. 

For this buffet, the chocolate creations are your classic takes of desserts with chocolate. Chocolate donuts, biscuits, pudding, cakes, crepes and so much more but mostly pastry-based. 

Only upon request, we were handed a plate consisting of four chocolate truffles prepared by the chef. The reason it was not displayed in the chocolate buffet table was because they are limited. Lucky for us since these four chocolate truffles are the last ones left for that day. 

And so this is what my chocolate buffet birthday date looked like after we have visited the chocolate buffet table. Was it the end of our chocoholic gluttonous date? It's a buffet right? Need I say more.

If Julia Roberts had an affair with her pizza, this is my take of that Eat, Pray & Love Moment. My love affair with a very chocolatey cake.

It even has my name on it...

I couldn't have enough love for chocolate I even asked my husband to video the moment while I make the first chocolate cake slice. And yes I forgot the date! That's the effect of chocolate for me.

Were you able to experience the Chocolate Buffet at Manila Hotel? If yes, share your experience with us here at Chocoholics Philippines. Better yet, post a picture of your chocoholic moment at the Chocoholics Philippines fan page.

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