Thursday, November 24, 2011

Store of the Week: Tita Lynn's Cafe Chocolate-Flavored Suman and Hot Cocoa at Tiendesitas

Tita Lynn's Cafe at Tiendesitas
The Chocoholics Philippines blog has made me look at my chocholate dining experience as a chocolate journey. My goal in the future is to have regular chocolate tasting events for Chocoholics in the Philippines featuring different chocolatiers and their chocoholic creations. I am dreaming of organizing the first and the biggest Philippine Chocolate Festival and bazaar. Finally, there will be a month dedicated to celebrate chocolate and that October 16 will be the official Chocoholics Philippines Day. 

Yes when I dream I dream big! I say dreams are free so why scrooge myself to one of the most exciting things I might be able to pull off in the future. Some people thought that Charlie's Chocolate Factory is just a storybook but twice it was created as a movie. Every blog I make for Chocoholics Philippines Day is one step towards my chocoholic reality. 

Tita Lynn's Cafe Suman Variants
But for now, the Chocoholic in me is enjoying the present with her very own soft and sweet suman (rice cake) with a wonderful surprise in the middle - none other than - Chocolate! 

It wasn't the chocolate-flavored suman that caught my eye at first. What got my attention is my second favorite food - dairy products. While looking for something to drink I saw goat's milk at Tita Lynn's Cafe and I thought it would be a lovely drink to cool myself on a hot afternoon. 

Tita Lynn's Goat's Milk and Cocoa Drink
While waiting for my change, I noticed that cocoa was also served at Tita Lynn's Cafe. And if there is one great chocolate discovery in history that would be the pure, velvety Cocoa drink. An excellent cocoa drink has hints of roast cocoa that translates to an earthy bittersweet taste. It's just very chocolatey-soothing.

Tita Lynn's Cocoa Drink
Tita Lynn's Chocolate-Flavored Suman
Finally, my order was ready. I took my fork and cut the suman right in the middle. Chocolate oozed like melted butter. I cut my chocolate-flavored suman into small portions and tasted the richness of the chocolate together with the soft pastry which is suman. 

Chocolate-filled Suman from Tita Lynn's Cafe
Tita Lynn's Cafe Chocolate Suman, Cocoa Drink and Goat's Milk 
Feeling a little bit experimental, I took a small portion of the chocolate flavored suman and dipped it in the hot cocoa. The cocoa-covered suman had a faint taste of the cocoa  drink. This sweet delicacy in my mouth is drowned by the cool Goat's milk. My Tita Lynn's Cafe chocolate experience was just heavenly.
Tita Lynn's Cafe Chocolate Suman & Cocoa Drink
I recommend trying Tita Lynn's Cafe Chocolate-Flavored Suman with a shot of hot Cocoa or a bottle of Goat's milk as mirienda after strolling around the Tiendesitas mall. 

From one chocoholic to another, please do tell me about your Tita Lynn's Cafe experience and let's share a cup of cocoa by leaving a chocolatey comment below. 

You may also share your chocolate photos, story, comment at our Chocoholics Philippines Facebook fanpage.

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