Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Birth of Chocoholics Philippines - where did it all begin?

When and where did my love affair for chocolate begin? Most children love sweets. It's just that some of us do not outgrow our sweet tooth. But what if what you crave for is bittersweet things. The interplay between these two contrasting tastes is enough to give chocoholics that euphoric feeling of a lingering chocolate satisfaction. Read my full story.

To answer the question (before I open another bar of chocolate), this love affair I had with chocolates began when I was in high school. It's actually not a very happy story. My mother and I were always fighting. And I meant always, all the time, everyday. I have wacky adolescent hormones. I get easily irritated and had a bad temper. However, every time I have a chocolate bar in my hand I become "normal". 

That is to say even if my mom highly suspects that I was stealing money from her to buy chocolates from a neighbor who was working at Rustan's that time (I am such a bad liar until now according to my ex-boyfriend) she didn't really get mad at me because it was those times that I was eating chocolates that she can talk to me "normally". I was happy munching away my bar until of course I ran out again.

It became my comfort food. There were times after a big fight that I will see chocolates in the refrigerator. Since I am the only one eating that much chocolates I didn't even bother to ask if its mine. I eat them all away. Then my mom and I will be okay again. Fortunately, my siblings do not share this much enthusiasm with chocolates as I do but they do try it once in a while which makes me all crazy because that time when it comes to chocolates "mine is mine and yours is mine". I didn't want chocolate to go to waste. Shelf life for me is within twenty-four hours maximum (on my very patient days) usually its about an hour or after a meal.

People tell me I might get diabetes because of the sugar or a toothache but I've been eating it for more than a decade (dark chocolate that is) and so far I don't have any of those. I guess I am one of those people like those heavy chain-smokers and you hear that after they die the coroners are surprised to see that they have the healthiest lungs. Where did all that smoke go? 

Well if you see me you can ask me the same question? Where do all that chocolate go? I am not super thin and definitely not horizontally-challenged. My BMI is just right for my height. So where did the chocolate go? Simple, in my brain and in my heart. Chocolates does not give me a filling sensation. It sorts of relaxes me enabling me to think and get that energy boost that I need. When I'm sad its my pick-me-up/comfort-food. When I'm happy, its my celebratory gift to myself. When I'm hungry its my energy bar. I have every mood connected to chocolate.

I am passionate in eating chocolates hence the blog name Chocoholics. Phiilippines because I am proud to be Pinoy so do not be surprised if there are some blogs in Filipino written here. But now I think having this knowledge and appreciation for chocolates in a higher level than most people do, my love affair with chocolates has taken a different turn. I am hungry for more chocolates. Chocolate information that is! And in this Chocoholics Philippines blog you will be joining me in my quest. My short term goal is to hold chocolate tasting appreciation parties and the long term goal is to formally start an established club.

Chocolates here I come...

Will you join me in my chocolate quest? I'd like to know what you feel about my plans or if you have suggestions please do share it.

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