Monday, September 26, 2011

Join Reason to Love Chocolate Contest To Win Cocoaphilia Kits from Van Houten Philippines

Cocoaphilia Kit from Van Houten Philippines

Hello chocoholics!

I am so happy to announce the Reason to Love Chocolates Contest happening right now at the facebook fanpage of cocoaphilia philippines. I  am so satisfied with my own cocoaphilia kit after attending the Van Houten Chocolate Tasting Event that after hearing about this contest I am the first person to comment on my own reason to love chocolate photo. Just look at the photo of that cocoaphilia kit and imagine the chocolate goodness you will receive. The cocoaphilia box is also re-usable which is a great memento for chocolate lovers like us.

Do you want to join this chocolate contest? Then read more for the Reason to Love Chocolate Contest mechanics and deadline...

Before you can join the contest, facebook users should first like cocoaphilia philippines.

cocoaphilia philippines
Then click on their photos and choose the album Reasons to Love Chocolate:

Reason to Love Chocolate from Van Houten Philippines
For this Chocolate contest, you will get a chance to win one of 30 exclusive cocoaphilia kits filled with assorted Van Houten chocolates. The Reason to Love Chocolate contest mechanics can be found below:

Reasons to Love Chocolates Mechanics
Remember chocoholics, to win one must visit the album "Reasons to Love Chocolate" and express your support by commenting under the photo of a reason you love. This humble chocolate fan of yours has made it easy for you, my fellow chocolate lovers, by posting my Reason to love chocolate photo here. I think my photo is the last photo in the album.

Chocoholics Philippines: Reason To Love Chocolates
You are of course free to comment on other Reason to Love chocolate photos but the winner of the exclusive cocoaphilia kits will come from the most commented photo. I wish that my fellow chocoholic friends will win from commenting on my Chocoholic reason. 

Contest period is from September 21, 2011 (5:00 pm) until October 5, 2011 (5:00pm).
Just in case you need a reminder what is at stake here... :)
To read about my chocoholic experience during the Van Houten Chocolate Tasting Affair and to excite you some more about the Reason to Love Contest Prize of Van Houten, you can also read my chocoholic blog post about it in Van Houten Chocolate Tasting Affair at Society Lounge - Cocoaphilia Philippines.


Post your own reason why you love chocolates in the comments below and let's create more opportunities for us chocolate lovers to enjoy chocolates.

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