Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chocolate Store for the Week: Cacao In Megamall

Believe it or not, I have the pictures of Cacao in my desktop solely for my happiness. Looking at the display of Cacao's different chocolates gives me this warm feeling inside which translates to utmost happiness. And due to this week's overwhelming feelings of abundance, I am inspired to share with you, my fellow chocoholics, my delicious photos which I took from Cacao Megamall.

Found on the second floor of Megamall, I first saw the Cacao stall. The first sighting felt like I was a little girl who just saw her favorite movie idol in person. I can't believe what I was seeing. I even asked myself, is this a mirage? My mouth gaped a little and then an ear-to-ear smile formed unconsciously. These feelings of excitement turned to restlessness as I approached Cacao because I cannot decide which one of these delectable chocolate balls to try first.
Cacao Chocolate Variants
After asking a gazillion questions about what chocolate is this? What chocolate is inside? what kind of chocolate is used? dark, milk? how dark? how sweet? where did your chocolates come from? I felt the Cacao saleslady wondering if I was really intending to buy or am I just interviewing her.

And so like a boy seeking a girl, I finally mustered the courage to ask. "How much is one chocolate ball?" The lady replied "P65.00 miss". Gulp! What! My automatic "budgeting mind" is calculating already the difference between the cost of a Semi-sweet dark Meiji bar compared to what a 20g Cacao chocolate ball! Or at least a few extra bucks and I have a bar of a decent black chocolate already from the supermarket. Amazingly, my hand has its own mind and I find myself fidgeting for my wallet while doing the approximating in my head. Traitor hands! I remember the saleslady had to pull the P100 bill from my hand a little forcefully like it was so painful for me to let it go. After getting my chocolate ball, I automatically sniffed it. Tasted it a little with my tongue. Is it fine or course? Is it worth P65! After satisfying my first indulgence, I proceeded to bite my Cacao chocolate ball in the middle. It was a little bit chewy, chocolatey (not too overly sweet which is good) but (oh well) lacks a little moisture. 

So in my chocolate taste meter I rate my first Cacao chocolate ball at 2.5 bars but for presentation it's a perfect 5!

You know that feeling where you're so happy you feel like you're in a vacuum. Just like what happened to Anton Ego while eating his favorite childhood dish, ratatouille. That's exactly what I felt. I was so happy with my purchase I even forgot to get my change. Imagine that! Good thing the Cacao saleslady was honest enough to run after me. Next time I have an overwhelming chocolate sensation, I should write my name in a piece of paper first. Just in case. 

Cacao Megamall Chocolate varieties
Cacao Megamall

Well so far, that is my chocolate adventure for this week. Chocoholics, look forward for more Chocoholics Philippine features in the coming days!

Have you tried Cacao? What is your favorite Cacao chocolate. Please share them to me by commenting below.

By the way, I also accept deliveries. Just send a pm or comment in my facebook fanpage Chocoholics Philippines.

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